April 27, 2012

He Plans to Watch it ALL

Mackay came home from school yesterday Anxious and Giddy!!!  
He watched the clock until it was finally 6:00 PM.
The NFL Draft has begun!!!
He couldn't wait!!
He has talked about it for days!!
He didn't move from this seat for 3 hours, 
except to jump around and shout for Joy or occasionally BOO...

He was up this morning at 6:15 AM all dressed and ready for school.  
He came downstairs to check if he had missed anything ~ which he hadn't...

The NFL Draft goes on until Saturday.  
I don't see him moving off this chair any time soon... at least until Saturday afternoon.
He plans to watch it all!!
 He is such a funny kid!!


amanda said...

So fun that your kids have passions. I wish mine did:) That's fun!!

Alyssa said...

I believe it! He is a devoted sports fan.

janhans said...

For a 10 yr. old is know what he loves and stays very focused..I think it is great...G-ma