May 7, 2012

The Midway Dive

Several weeks ago, Aaron decided to get Certified in Scuba Diving.  After diving in Hawaii, he was hooked & couldn't wait to get back down to the bottom of the ocean.  
He signed up at Dive Addicts.  
After he finished all the book work, Classroom requirements, & all the requirements in to Pool, all he had left to pass off was the requirements in an actual Dive.  So we headed to Midway to dive the "Crater".    Jessica stayed with our kids and we made a weekend out of it.  
We stayed at the Zermatt.
View of the Zermatt from the top of the Crater ~ Aaron behind the hotel 
It was a nice hotel with an EXTREMELY expensive seafood buffet... (live & learn, I guess) ... and absolutely NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION.  But we didn't mind.  We were happy to be on a mini vacation ~~~ well, I was happy to be on a mini-vacation, Aaron couldn't see past the tip of his scuba mask.  He couldn't wait to spend 2 days at the bottom of the Crater.
The Crater  ~  Me, at the base of the Crater
Standing on TOP of the Crater.
 Walking into the Crater~Aaron's group listening to his instructor (Amy Smith)
 The 11 year old Scouts in our neighborhood all got Certified.  Two of the boys, Zach Gardner & Jaxson McDonald, were there with Aaron.  It was fun to see them and wait with their parents.
Also, you may recognize the Crater from the TV show "The Bachelor".
 Aaron was ALL SMILES after he finished.  
He passed with flying colors. 
The kids and I have nicknamed him "Scuba Steve" (from the movie "Big Daddy").  
After he was finished with the dive stuff, we roamed around Midway, Park City, and Heber City.  Not a whole lot to do in Midway... unless it is during Swiss Days, which it wasn't... We did see President Uchtdorf at the Dairy Keen eating lunch with his family.  We thought that was very cool.  He is one of our favorites!!

I am happy to see Aaron doing things he loves... even if his nervous wife just watches.  
I am hoping to get brave someday and join him in the water... SOME DAY...


Alyssa said...

So happy for Aaron. Jeff is certified, too. He caught the "bug" in high school and he has been trying to get me to fall in love with scuba diving ever since. I don't love it so much. Maybe we can go on a trip together and THEY can dive and WE can relax on a beach. What a fun weekend for you both. Thanks for posting!

amanda said...

Way to go Scuba Steve!!!! I'm glad he was able to do that. Where's he gonna go next, the real ocean with Sharks? Scary!!