April 21, 2012

Kenzie's Surgery

Kenzie has never liked her ears.
I listen to her complain but figure she's just being a teenagers ... So she decided to talk to her dad. We all know her dad has a big heart. He listened and they decided to look into having her ears "fixed". I struggled with this decision. I never wanted Kenzie to think we felt something was "wrong" with her. She is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out.
I finally began to understand her frustrations.
It was a process for her each morning to fix her hair "just right" to "hide" her ears.
She couldn't just throw her hair up when she was running late.
A ponytail was completely out of the question and headbands only accentuated the problem.
Wet hair after swimming with friends it would reveal her hidden ears.
Etc Etc Etc ...
I felt sad, that I hadn't "listened" to her earlier.
I take for granted "pony tails". I live with my hair up.
I never realized the effort my little girl had to put in to hiding her ears everyday.

After visiting with several doctors we learned that not only would they pin Kenzie ears, but she also had "undeveloped cartilage" in her right ear. Her left ear would be an easy fix but her right ear would need a little more work. But... she was thrilled. She could see the "light at the end of the tunnel" and couldn't wait to get started.

She didn't tell many people about the surgery. I wish she had told more of her friends. She could have used a few visits while she laid around trying to recover and heal.
She is a brave little lady and I am so proud of her.

Friday morning, April 20th, 6:30 am, we arrived at Dr. Jed Bindrup's office.
She was excited but had lots of nervous jitters under that smile.
We took one last picture of her "Before" Ears and she was off for surgery.
After feeling a little "barfy", she was ready to head home at 10:30 am.
Aaron was out of town for a Dental Course.
Kenzie adores her dad and he wasn't too thrilled to be gone for her surgery day.
Kenzie really wanted to talk to her dad.
She doesn't remember me taking this picture.
She was talking to Aaron on the speaker phone.
She doesn't remember having that conversation either.
Once she got home, she fell asleep for most of the day.
Aunt Jenn came by to see how she was doing and her friend Maddie Granger dropped off a cute balloon with a box of treats. These made her feel special and put a half-way smile on her face. Grandpa Earl called to check up on her too. Thank heavens for speaker phones - she couldn't put anything close to her ears...
She can't lay on her sides (of course) or lay all the way back. We propped her up with lots of pillows and gave her pain medication, but she wasn't very comfortable. It made for a long night. I was impressed at how tough my little girl is.
Day 1 was over.

Day 2: We were back at Dr. Bindrup's office Saturday morning at 7:30 am for a bandage change. He had told her "if she likes what she sees when the bandages come off, then we're in trouble." He expected swelling and squished ears. They would be really close to her head at first, but in a few weeks they will start to bounce back.
Right Ear
Left Ear
After relaxing the rest of the morning, her dad surprised us and came home EARLY from his trip. She was so happy to see him and fill him in.
By the end of Day 2 she had removed her bandages and had put her hair "UP".
Best Moment: when Kenz came downstairs and said;
"Look Mom, I'm wearing a pony tail."
My heart melted.
She knows the next few days and weeks will be a little hard. She is still in pain. She's nervous her ears may get bumped at school and she is still having a hard time moving her mouth and head around...lots of pressure. But... she has been such a sweetheart.
She has been SO thankful and is SO happy.

As I said before - I think Kenzie is gorgeous, but teenagers can be hard on themselves and hard on each other. If this eliminates a little bit of that, then it is totally worth it.

I am so impressed with your strength.
I am also so impressed with how you have handled everything about this.
You are so brave and I think you are beautiful, I always have.
I love you so much, Kenzer Loo :)

One more BEFORE and AFTER


amanda said...

The before and after pics are amazing. How is she feeling? I tried to call yesterday-I'll try again today.
Kenz you ARE beautiful and always have been:)

paige said...

That is quite a difference. What a beautiful daughter you have!

Alyssa said...

Ouch! Hope she is feeling good today. So nice that we have awesome medical professionals who are skilled and trained and can do such amazing work. Kenzie looks great! We are Happy Happy Happy for her.

kami @ nobiggie.net said...

I hope she is healing well. She is beautiful before and after. I'm happy that her morning routine doesn't have to be a burden anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ears that stick out a bit have always melted me - preferences are as diverse and unique as our ears. Cute before, no less, no more, after....unless of course you are melted by even bigger smiles!