December 10, 2011

Walk to Bethlehem

"Walk to Bethlehem" is one of our favorite family Christmas traditions.
This was our neighborhoods 2nd year. We had close to the same amount of people come as last year, but I wasn't disappointed - considering it was the COLDEST day of 2011 (a whopping 21 degrees).
My sister, Ashley, is taking on the challenge and starting the tradition in her neighborhood this year. She keeps asking me "Why??" As she makes her lists of what she needs to do now and things she will need to do on the day of, she sighs and again asks, "Why do we do this??"
I told her "once it is over, she would know."
Mary (Makenzie Taylor) & Joseph (Jaxson McDonald) and a Shepherd named Hayden Hall
2 Wisemen (the Trujillo boys)
"Walk to Bethlehem" is the best way to start the Christmas Season.
Even when it is 21 degrees outside and my body is frozen, my hands don't work, and my husband is shaking his head as he is dis-assembling the stable - I get in to my bed and I KNOWwhy I do it each year. (let's just pray for warmer weather next year... please...)


Shauna said...

What a special tradition. Your mom would be proud.

mamamrowan said...

That is wonderful, Dawn!

Alyssa said...

I am so happy to know you are continuing this tradition. We have not talked about it over the last couple of years and I wondered if it had faded away. Such a fun tradition. We have enjoyed experiencing it with your family. And I am excited to know that Ashley is taking it on in her neck of the woods. SO AMAZING. Thanks for posting. Loved the pictures.