December 7, 2010

Walk to Bethlehem

Day 6- Walk to Bethlehem

Walk to Bethlehem”, A family night program of music and scripture celebrating the birth of our Savior. All families are invited to walk with your lighted candle to this activity. Dress your children like angels, shepherds, or wise men to participate in a live manger scene. Enjoy Christmas carols and the Christmas story as told by Luke. Warm cider and refreshments will be served. Please come and bring your neighbors.

My family has enjoyed this tradition for the last two decades.
It began in my parents neighborhood.
When they moved, they continued tradition in their new neighborhood.
In 2005, we began the Walk to Bethlehem in our Sandy neighborhood.
Kenzie got to be Mary.
In 2007, Mackay played Joseph.
2008 was the first year my dad and I did it without my mom.
It was an emotional one for me. It was hard and a lot of work, but I was happy we did it. I knew my mom was smiling from heaven (and she knew my back was killing me...)
2009 was the first year we took a break.
Last night, we began the Walk to Bethlehem tradition in our Draper neighborhood.
Hayden got to be Joseph.

He tried desperately to be reverent...

Mary and Joseph got a little bored... :(

Kenzie was my photographer.

Mackay refused to dress up. (My family is growing up so fast.)

Luckily I was alone setting up 60 luminaries in a full bawl.
It is a lot of work.
It takes a lot of time.
It also makes my back ache when it is over.
BUT, many friends and neighbors come.
Families join together to celebrate the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas.
I will never stop doing the Walk to Bethlehem.
It is the best way to start the Christmas season.
I know my mom smiled from heaven last night knowing I am continuing a tradition she loved (and she knew my back was killing me...)


Alyssa said...

I have often wondered if you had kept this tradition going. We loved joining you one year (I think in 2005) in your Sandy neighborhood. Glad to hear the event is still going strong.Hope your back is recovering. And just remember that most of the truly meaningful/greatest events in life take work. I am grateful you are the kind of person who will put in the work. I am sure your neighborhood will love continuing on with this annual experience.

Lindy said...

I had no idea this tradition went so far back for you. And look you are now leaving your mark on areas all over. Our neighborhood loves the walk to Bethlehem every year. And how fun to have something special to do everyday in December as a count down. You're awesome Dawn!