December 12, 2011

A Special Visitor

Look who came to our Christmas Cookie Decorating Party on Sunday.

Ben loves Big Characters but Colin isn't as comfortable.
He began to squirm & cry, trying to escape the lap of Santa until his dad told him to say "Cheeeeese."
Colin obeyed and repeated "Cheese!!!"
Jessica, Tanner, & Sam
Taylor, Jake, Rustyn, and Kamryn
Kenzie, Mackay, and Hayden
I think a few kids could sing the song... "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus".
It was so much fun!!
I love that Santa can come to our Cookie Party each year.
Another fun tradition our family will continue. :)
One last "Cheeeese!!" I couldn't resist.


Shauna said...

How fun and cute pictures.

Ashley said...

I wonder why Rob is never around when Santa comes??? Oh well, I don't mind kissing Santa! :)

amanda said...

Ha Ha!! I love it. Cute pics of all the kiddos. I'm trying so hard to create my own traditions but they just don't top those from HOME!!!
Hey at least I'm not bawling this year singing "Where are You Christmas" like I have the last few:)