November 14, 2011

Mackay's Play-off Game

I am a little behind in my journaling/blogging... And I have had A LOT going on since Halloween.

After an UNDEFEATED Season,
Mackay's Football Team made it to the Play-offs...
November 5th -
They arrive one hour before each game to warm up and practice plays.
Then Head Coach Ho Ching has them kneel and pray.
(Mackay has the RED gloves)
The game begins...
and so did the "march" (aka the "potty dance").
I yelled his name,
he looked,
I pointed to the port-a-potties,
and he took off running.
Once back on the field,
he found his dad (aka Coach Hall) and he was ready to go "hit somebody!!"
And that he did!
There was Snow!!
There were Freezing Temperatures (& freezing mothers)!!

And there was TONS of MUD!!!
But in the end....
They had secured their spot in the
(to be played on November 12th - Mackay's 10th Birthday.)
(Mackay is right behind the boy sitting on the ground.
You can't see his number 11 but you can see his white chin strap)

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Alyssa said...

Awesome! Can't believe the snow. Hard for me grasp that it is that cold in Utah already. Not here for sure.