November 3, 2011

A Haunted Halloween

This time of year starts what we call the "Dorius Marathon"!!
Which means you cram as much partying in as possible until January 1 (actually January 15 for my little family - Aaron's birthday).
So let the cramming and the partying begin!!

Sunday October 30th
We had a Haunted Halloween Costume Party!
Food, Games, a Haunted House, Horror Movies made by Josh, & a Costume Contest.

Kenz dressed as a teenage Zombie,
Mackay was a Zombie doctor,
& Hayden was Captain America (that had a black eye and blood - it's Halloween, everyone needs a little blood).
I dressed as a Haunted House Maid - back from the grave.
Aaron wore scrubs with a tag that read: G. Focker - Male Nurse (any Meet the Parents fans?)
Josh's Star Wars Family & Dan Fisher's Family (Roe's son)
Jenn's Family
Each won something in the Costume Contest! Scott won several awards!!
Ashley's family

Josh & I put a Haunted House together the party.
I will NEVER do it again. I didn't sleep well knowing it was in my basement. Even Aaron was a little creep ed out in the days leading up to the party.

I learned that Josh's mind is WARPED and Brilliant!!!
The things that kid thinks of.... My goal was to make it either "Scary or Cool". I didn't want anyone to walk out and say "that was lame." With Josh's help, we succeeded in that goal.
Again, I say I will NEVER do this again, but just in case I have a weak moment, I am documenting it all here as a reference for that moment ... please bear with me with all the narratives below. I am pretty sure I will NEVER do it again.?.?.

Here is your tour ... with the lights on...

I greeted guests at the door at the end of the hallway -
(even Manda got to go through although she couldn't see much.)
I explained that "many years ago there arose a need for a place of refuge and treatment for the mentally ill. Mr. H. Ed Hill, first name "Haunt Ed Hill" built an Insane Asylum and many are buried just out side."
I took them through the door into the cemetery (guest bedroom).
(the black walls were made from taping 2 garbage bags together and thumb tacking them to the ceiling).
Once in the cemetery, I explained that they would be "entering the basement of the Insane Asylum. I asked that they read all signs and try not to disturb the patients and to PLEASE close all doors because we had a missing patient and we didn't want him to escape".
(Josh was our missing/escaped patient) Then they were on their own.
The bathroom was covered with blood and TEETH...
"Room B1.
Patient: Scott Michaels (aka "Chuckles)
Condition: Enjoys making others smile - permanently."
We had a freaky clown with a dead body - with a permanent smile.
A strobe lights and circus music with laughter playing.
Scott doesn't like scary clowns so this was there especially for Scott.
Passing through the next door (into my other guest bedroom) you were greeted with the Scream Guy & pictures that look normal one way/dead the other... On the closet door was a sign.
"Room B2
Patient: Karole Dead-a-more
Condition: Strong denial of loss of child"
Kenz sat in this room rocking and banging on the walls with dolls all around her. Occasionally holding the dolls and telling the visitors that "he keeps watching me" which confused the visitors until they turned around and saw... Him.
I hated him. While putting this together, I avoided this area. I knew he was there and I knew what it was made out of, but it still scared me. Black lights made him glow. The mirror said to "Gaze into the mirror", if you did so, you would see Him.
"Spider Zone" (this was for my sweet husband, who would prefer snakes, rats, anything but SPIDERS) had a Corpse hanging from the ceiling that shock and lit up as you walked by.
Next to the Bunk Bed was Dr. Craze E. Hunter's Lab and Research Center.
On top of the bunk bed was a tortured man. His face was covered, guts hanging out and blood and spiders covered the area. Josh had "moaning" sounds coming from near his head. It was gross.
Our "escaped patient" (Josh) came out from behind the wall - carrying a knife and trying to find his next patient to torture. Dr. Craze E. Hunter had been strapped to a chair, suffocated with a green grocery bag... In the wood cabinet (the lab) were jars filled with body parts and Tonic water... Who knew Tonic water glows in a black light as well as the masks swinging above the cabinet.

(Note the suffocated Doctor)
We had a Rotting Corpse that shook and moaned and lit up (laying in the trundle). And then the Animal Lab... a HUGE MONKEY (Rustyn) sat in a chair to greet and scare the daylights out of you.
Molly was in her kennel sitting atop a dresser. Her movement from wanting out-of-there caused the crows on top to light up and caw... Poor Molly...
As you exit the room - Mr. & Mrs. Haunt Ed Hill were there to thank you for coming to their Insane Asylum. (Looks like Haunt's head is falling).
Our Insane Asylum Crew
We used a Fog Machine to FILL the room, black lights, strobe lights, awful music & sounds and lots of people to scare. Our crew was exhausted and SWEATY!! We invited friends and neighbors to come through our Insane Asylum too.
It was SO MUCH FUN!! Totally worth the effort!!
Thanks Josh for being so warped and having awesome ideas!!
My cleaning ladies came the next morning at 8:30 am so Aaron and I happily put it all away after the party. Although we didn't get to bed until LATE, we were glad to box up all the creepy things... and glad we have all the stuff for my next weak moment...

Monday was Halloween!
I went to the kids School Parade.
Neither of them wore their costly costumes to school - go figure...
Mackay was a "famous person/rapper" and Hayden was an "army guy" (same as last year).

They went Trick-or-Treating later that night with their friends.
I gave out candy and Aaron kept an eye on Hayden. They are growing up so fast!

October is over and November has begun - MY FAVORITE!!
Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!
We are heading to Indiana for Jane's baptism in a few weeks so the Marathon continues...


Ashley said...

Best Halloween Pary ever!!! Thanks again for all you do to entertain our family. Mom would be so happy and proud!

Shauna said...

Wow, you guys went all out. I know what you mean about worrying that it is in your basement, I was freaked out. I would never sleep with that CLOWN in the basement, that is sooo scary!

amanda said...

I am so glad you are bringing the Dorius marathon here for a couple of days. Lucky me!!!! This is about the time of year I get the most homesick:(
I love all the pictures. The costumes are hilarious. Jenn's family....woah!! Is all I can say:) Love it!!

Can't wait to see you all!!!!

Debbie said...

That is just crazy. Josh should hire out!

Alyssa said...

That party looks like so much fun! And I am sure it took a lot of work. Another great family memory. Good luck with your marathon of events from now until January!

Aimee said...

Hey, thanks for reading my blog and for your nice comment. (I think it was you.) Darling family!

Anonymous said...

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