August 23, 2010

Vacation Part 2

After our Swamp Tour, we drove through the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.
This is where Hurricane Katrina hit the hardest.
My kids were shocked at what they saw.
I was heart broken as we drove through the streets and saw the destruction.

We learned what the X on each home meant.
In the top of the X is the DATE they searched the home.
To the left is the UNIT that searched the home.
To the right are the DANGERS ie: Downed Wires, Gas Line, Infection, etc.
In the bottom, the number of deceased bodies found in the home.

(Last night on Dateline, they talked about Katrina and the first five days after it hit.... My kids and I were mesmerized. We had just walked and driven the streets and stood in line at the Conference Center, where many people went for hope of help. We had JUST visited the places we were watching on TV. What you can't see on the TV is the HEAT. It was good for my kids - and me - to see.)

Of course, we had to see Bourbon Street -
DURING the day, because we have small children.
We stopped at the Flea Market and listened to the fun, loud, music playing.
We walked the Riverwalk and ate dinner.
We were exhausted and ready to head back to our hotel.
A dip in the pool and Day 2 was complete!!

We were all very excited for Day 3's events!!


Alyssa said...

Jeff and I saw a bit of that same Dateline special the other night. So Sad!!! I hate to admit it, but I paid little attention to the news at the time that hurricane happened. I had just had Mallory, and we were so busy with Stone Creek. I can't believe I was so unaware. I am sure seeing things in person really leaves an impression, too. My heart hurts for the people who suffered through that. It must have been quite a sight for your family to see the aftermath all these years later.

janhans said...

I'll bet that after that experience,it was a bit sobering for all of you. I watched so much of the devastation on tv. The homes we live in and the cities that are beautiful and intact, take on a whole new meaning for me..