August 22, 2010

Vacation Part 1

Sat. Aug, 14th, we arrived in New Orleans
or as Hayden would call it "The Hottest Place on Earth".
We found our hotel - the Marriott Residence Inn,
it was in a great location - walking distance to everything,
but didn't feel like the "safest" part of town.
We unpacked and set out to find dinner - on foot.
I have NEVER been so hot or more sweaty in my entire life.
view from our hotel room
We found a fun Cajun restaurant called Mulates.
There we feasted on Fried Alligator.
Everyone devoured it - Weird!
We walked home and allowed both boys to develop
large red blisters.
We jumped into a bug infested pool
and Day 1 was complete.

Sunday morning we walked to pick up our rented Camry.
We found a Walmart and purchased
new shoes for Mackay and a supply of Band aids.
Then headed to the Swamp for a tour.
It was a little unnerving as we sat on picnic tables
(approx. 10 feet from the water)
waiting to board our steel boat
- watching many alligators watch US!
Not to mention - we were sweating profusely!!!
Our Captain explained
the swamp, the trees, the birds, the bugs, and the alligators.
He gave the kids marshmallows to throw into the water.
Out of NOWHERE ... ALLIGATORS were everywhere.
Our Captain then pulled out chicken necks
and tossed them into the mouths of awaiting hungry alligators.
As our tour was coming to an end,
ELVIS entered the building!!
(or got pulled out of a box in the boat)
Each willing passenger was allowed to hold Elvis.

Aaron held Elvis.
Kenzie held Elvis.
Mackay held Elvis.
This is as close Hayden got to holding Elvis.

As for me.... no thanks.
I like the "Look but Don't Touch" rule.
2 pm, We got off the boat,
still dripping with sweat and headed back into town.
That is nothing but sweat all over
this red-faced, drenched little boy - he is just like his mother.

Part 2 of Day 2 to come...

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Alyssa said...

All of those alligators remind me so much of life in Florida. LOVE IT!!! Glad you are home, safe and sound. Once my kids are in school, I plan on making Jen's class each Wed (you know I love Step), and hopefully that will be one of many ways we can see each other now that we are home for good. Good luck getting back into the swing of things after vacationing. Hope to see you soon.....