August 14, 2010

Life is Good!

Life is GOOD!!

Kenzie spent the week at Oakcrest. I missed her & worried about her all week, since she left -not really kicking & screaming, but not real excited to go... SHE LOVED IT!!! She made lots of new friend, is on a spiritual high, loves Mormon pop music (which she mocked before), & is so happy. I love it!!! I am so happy she had such a great time.

Mackay spent the week (every night for 2 hours) at football try-outs. He is exhausted but LOVING it!!! He is with Aaron right now finding out which team he made & breaking the news to his coach that he won't be there for the first week of practice AND.... has to miss the weigh-in. Missing the weigh-in means he can't play the first game. He is soooooo sad & has shed many tears. His life is all about football. I would like to remind some people that these boys are 8! He is HAPPY though (sore but happy) & that makes me happy.

Hayden has made a new friend this week & even played night games until 9:30 pm last night with him. His name is Oliver & he is a doll. He is so excited to go on a big airplane today & then get on a big boat. So... he is HAPPY too.

Aaron and I couldn't sleep last night. Either stressed that we are forgetting something or too excited (sort of like Christmas eve) for time-off/vacation. Not being able to sleep makes for a long night & an even longer day. Oh well - plenty of time to sleep later. :)

Life is Good & Everyone is HAPPY!!!


amanda said...

I think I need a "Happy Place" right now. I'd even take St George, but a cruise sounds heavenly (without kids though:) I hope you have a great time and that everyone comes home HAPPY!!!

janhans said...

Have a Great Time... Love Mom

Alyssa said...

You are on a cruise??? I had no idea. Obviously we don't talk enough. Hopefully you can give me the rundown when you get back. Enjoy!!