August 24, 2010

Vacation Part 3

Monday morning, August 16th, we went to watch
the New Orleans Saints practice.
Although they play their games INSIDE
at the Super dome,
they practice OUTSIDE.
Mackay was in heaven!!
Hayden was... not.
The HEAT... about 15 minutes in,
Hayden, Kenzie, & I were bee-lining it for the car.
Air conditioning is a beautiful thing!!
Head Coach: Sean Payton
Drew Brees #9 Quarterback
Other Quarterbacks #10 Chase Daniel & #4 Sean Canfield
Reggie Bush #25
Kenzie and Aaron(my history lovers) wanted to tour a WWII Museum.
I kept the boys in the hotel with the AC cranked!! :)
1:00 pm, we returned the car
and headed to the Convention Center.
To wait in line...........
Outside... in the H-E-A-T!!!!!
Finally, we boarded The Carnival Triumph!!
Off to Pregreso Mexico and Cozumel.


Shauna said...

Fun reading these vacation posts. We have never been on a cruise, how fun.

Debbie said...

It's pretty funny how much you hate the heat. I keep laughing reading about it.

Alyssa said...

The football practice looks fun! Glad Mackay (and Aaron) could enjoy it and the rest of you could stay cool in the car. Excited to hear about and see photos from the cruise....Never knew Kenzie was a history nut like her dad. Fun to learn something new about her.

amanda said...

You can SEE the humidity in those photos. It is awful!! Really I know exactly what you mean. This has been a very HOT summer out here in the midwest.
What a fun trip though. I am so jealous.