March 25, 2009

Written by Kenz

Mad Mom

Today I stayed home from school to babysit my brother with strep throat...... And then my mom was going to take me to get my shots and then go straight to school. So when she got home, we all got in the car and my mom had a feeling to call the doctor. She was told that walk-ins were welcome. But they changed. The doctors needed to know when my last check-up was. And it wasat least three years ago. But it needed to be in the past two, so my check up in on June something! My mom is mad..... But I am not! I am not at school! Wooo!!!


  1. Shots are never fun no matter the age. Hope your break from school was nice. Sorry to hear that Mackay is sick though. And now you can look forward to shots in June - yuck!
  2. Lucky you!! I hated getting shots when I was younger. I almost got kicked out of school for not getting my MMR shot. But now you just get to look forward to June:{
  3. Just think, it would have all been over with by now. Lucky you, now not only do you get to have shots, but a whole check up too--fun!! Something to look forward to. By the way, you were cute at the dance practice last night. You did great!

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