March 29, 2009

Written by Kenz (Josh & Meggie's House)

Joshie and Meggie's House.......

Right now I am blogging from Josh's house. I usually come and hang with Josh and play video games until four in the morning. Our favorite game probably is Call Of Duty on the X-Box or WiiMackay is with me and we are listening to Josh and Megan making a funny discussion. About folding clothes and putting a pot in the sink.. Now Josh is singing a "Daredevil" song. Bring Me To Life by Evanescence. He is singing in the highest pitch I have ever heard! Ouch! :D


  1. It is so fun to spend time with family. You are lucky to have Josh and Megan. I know they love being with you as much as you enjoy them. Fun times!
  2. Sounds fun!!! The best part of being off-track is hanging with Josh and Megan!! You and Mackay are lucky. I will see you in a while. Say lots of Thank Yous.
  3. I miss Joshie and Megan:( Jane can't wait to come in May so she can sleep at their house too. Only 45 days:):):)
  4. What a fun place to go when you are off track. We are lucky to have Josh and Megan. Have fun playing video games all night.
  5. jess speaking: the classic disney shirt... megan that disney lover =]

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