March 18, 2009

Written by Kenz

My Partner

Since you probably already know, I have to do a dancing thing WITH A BOY..... scary huh? Well since I not like someone who is fine dancing with the other species, I was nervous to see who my partner would be... Turns out my partner is not so bad at all. Kinda. It is still a boy but it is ironically my older cousin Tanner! So at least he is a relative! :D


  1. Hey Kenzie! Yeah, I can comment now. I could not in the past, but it seems the problem is fixed now. That is awesome your partner is your cousin. I think you two will do well together. Keep posting. We love to remain connected to you and your family. Say hi to Mackay and Hayden for us. We miss you all. Love, Alyssa
  2. That is pretty funny! Good luck.
  3. So fun--I would love to see you dance with Tanner. And Kenzie, boys are actually okay. They don't have cooties like your brothers:) Someday you will be so excited to dance with a boy. Wait until you are older though.
  4. Hey Kenzie,

    I just learned how to make comments, so I thought I would practice. You and Tanner will be darling in the dance, and way easier to dance with my cute Tanner, then some weird sranger. You are going to make a few girls in my ward very jealous. I think they too had their heart set on dancing with Tanner. Lucky you:-)

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