March 15, 2009

Written by Kenz

Temple Dedication and New Blogger!

Hello Everybody! Today was church and I thought once we come home, we can get into comfy clothes and just be lazy, but no... My mom and I have to go to a special fireside kickoff for the dedication of the Draper Temple. So at seven o'clock, I must get back into nice clothes and go to church all over again. :) Our stake is doing a big program in May for the dedication. We get to choose either singing or dancing.My mom and aunt Jenn are in charge of one of the billion dances. So I will probably dance. Plus I love to do it!!! Speaking of dancing, my cousin Jane has started her own blog!!! And she is what 5? Or 6? So for all of you who think your too young or just to lazy to blog.... THINK AGAIN!! :D her website is


  1. You will be a beautiful dancer in the temple celebration. Good choice:D And thanks for promoting Jane's blog. She wanted a Facebook page but she was too young:( So I told her I'd set her up a blog. She is sooooo excited.
  2. this is jane. your blog is cool. thank you for looking at my blog. i mis you
  3. Kenzie - spell check your post!!! :)
    Dancing will be fun. You will be glad you did it.

    I love you!

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