August 3, 2015

Aly's Baptism in Colorado

We decided to surprise Manda.
She wasn't expecting us until Thursday night.
Spur of the moment Wednesday afternoon, Ashley and I decided to grab my dad and leave by 2 pm.  We arrived to our hotel Wednesday night at 11 pm.  LONG DRIVE!!  Lots of Construction, Curvy Canyon Roads, a Bizillion Semi trucks hogging the road, and a nervous night-time driver makes for a not so fun 9 hour commute. But we got there - with Theo in tow.  Luckily the hotel Aaron booked for us allowed pets. 

We texted Manda Thursday morning at 8 am telling her we were "ON THE ROAD".  She asked what time we thought we would arrive... I didn't reply.  We just range her doorbell instead.  It was SO FUN and totally worth the crappy drive!!

Thursday - Let the decorating begin.

Friday - swimming

Saturday - Alyson Joy's Baptism 
Sweetest little girl.

Wearing her mom's baptism dress to be baptized.  

Little side story: Jane didn't feel well and was supposed to sing at the baptism.  Her dad gave her a blessing.  Tobe sang the Rainbow song with her.  It was beautiful and left not a dry eye in the congregation.  Aly then was excused to go be baptized.  After she met her mom in the dressing room and couldn't contain her tears.  So many tears that she couldn't speak to even explain her feelings to her mom.  She was confirmed by her dad and was teary through that as well.  After which she gave each of the priesthood holders that stood in the circle a big bear hug.
Later that night, I asked Aly what was her FAVORITE part of the day.  She said she had 2.  I told her she had to pick just ONE.  She thought for a while and then said "Meeting her mom in the dressing room and getting a big hug."  My heart melted.  Manda had shared her experience with us quietly.  Aly then told me her second favorite part of the day was getting in the water. Such a tender heart.  

We then went to a downtown festival

Hayden (the tiny speck) on the Rock Wall 

Sunday - driveeeeee homeeeee 
(said in a sad voice)

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