February 28, 2015

Mom's Birthday

For Mom's Birthday we will gather to celebrate. 
So Hayden & I googled her name while laying in bed. 
We looked at pictures and read from both my sister & brother's blogs. 
It's been almost 7 years & I have learned to live with the void she left. 
And I hate that
I never wanted to be okay with her not being here. 
We will laugh & reminisce about our cherished memories. 
But as I realized my little boy doesn't know my mom, 
I am sad 
and am not okay with her absence.
 Cancer really sucks.
Happy Birthday Mom! ‪ 
I can hear my mom say ‪"Quit Your Whining"‬ 
So its sheet cake and smiles today

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Anonymous said...

The legacy of your Mother is evident in the enduring strength of her children. So many families splinter, go their own ways, slowly, but the Dorius clan's roots run deep. Gone, for now, but not forgotten.