January 5, 2014

January Ward Newsletter - Gratitude

The new year is a time to reflect.  

We ask ourselves questions like: 
“What have I learned?” and “What will I do differently?”  

We remember obstacles overcome and hardships endured.  

We cherish happy times, are invigorated by nearly forgotten triumphs and we are humbled by God’s goodness toward us.  

As we reflect, let us look to the past and learn and more importantly, be grateful.  

As President Hinckley said; 
“Gratitude is the beginning ...  We should walk with the knowledge that we will need help every stop of the way.”

Let us step into this new year, realizing that the future can be paved with lessons learned.  

Remembering the wisdom of yesteryear and the possibilities of tomorrow.  
Use the past as a road map, guiding us over rough spots, reminding us of detours, and even preparing us for more scenic routes. 

Remembering how we made it to where we are right now and deciding where we want to be next year at this time.  

Let us look to the future and live, with gratitude in our hearts and humility, recognizing God’s hand in all we do. 

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