September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend
Saturday: First Real Game of the Season
Corner Canyon vs. Bountiful
It was SOOOOO HOT!!  We were melting and so was our team. Final: 33-0
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Mackay waiting for a play from the coaches

Telling his team what the play is... Mackay is #6

The last play of the game was a wild throw... Mackay takes EVERY GAME AND EVERY PLAY seriously!  When the last throw went hay wire, he walked off the field and burst into tears.  He wants to do well SO BAD!!  He carries the weight of the win or loss on his shoulders.  Aaron got upset with him for crying but I thought it might do some good for his teammates to see his emotion.  
Our team is struggling with blocking.  Maybe if the line sees the disappointment and the passion their quarterback has... maybe they will try harder to do their job on the line... who knows.  All I know is that losing isn't FUN!

Sunday: Payson Onion Days!!  a family tradition.
I didn't get many photos.  We tried an "Open Mic" for the first time this year.  Kenz and Sam sang and did AWESOME!!  I am always so proud of these kids.  They are braver then I ever was.

The Allens, Halls, & Grandpa & Rustyn sat around the camp/trailer park/golf course and watched movies, eat junk food & our favorite Dutch Oven Lasagna (thanks to Scott & Jenn), and just talked.  I haven't just talked to my sister forever.  It was so nice to catch up on all the changes in her life, her kids, and family.  My dad kept his trailer nice and cool so we escaped the heat and rain and relaxed in his "home on wheels".  Thanks Dad for letting Kenz stay with you.  She loves Payson.

When we left for Payson Sunday morning we were awaken to the news that Draper was in a "lock down" due to a Shooting that killed an officer.  It was on Fort Street which is right between my dad's house and ours.  It consumed my thoughts all day.  How fragile and precious life is.  My heart broke for the wife and 6 year old boy who lost their husband and father.  He was just doing his job to protect his community.  I am so grateful for the service of our men and women in uniform.  

News Stories from the Shooting:

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