July 31, 2013

July Birthday Party - Luau

We celebrated Adam, Stephanie, & Aly's birthdays Luau Style!! 

After eating:
Salmon, Shrimp, Hawaiian Pork
Coconut rice, Summer Salad, Watermelon, Red Lobster Rolls, Blue Beach Jello, & Hawaiian Dip
(All Recipes and Ideas found HERE)

with the titles spelling A - L - O - H - A!
A: all dressed up
L: leied up
O: own up
H: H2O'd up
A: all fed up

All Dressed Up: One team member at time runs to bucket of Luau costumes.  Chooses one and puts it on then runs back for next team member to go. (Costumes: flip flops, grass skirts, bikini tops, leis, sun glasses, hats)

Leid Up: Team Captain runs to bucket filled with Leis.  They grab ONE lei run back to team & places it around team member's neck repeating until all team members have a lei.

Own Up: using key - each team member must figure out their name using the Hawaiian alphabet. Names are written on Name Tags.  Team done first gets points.

H2O'd Up: Team Captain holds a bucket on their head.  All team members using a dixie cup quickly fills up the bucket with water.  First team with a filled bucket wins points.

All Fed Up: each team member is given a snack pack of gold fish crackers.  First team to eat ALL the fish get the points.

 Kenz cheats to see if Molly will eat her fish for her... she wouldn't.

Our Score Keepers.

We finished with Hawaiian Ice Cream and Cupcakes frosted like gold fish.

Best part of the Party???  Mazie!!!

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Alyssa said...

Awesome fun! And Mazie is a dream. What a gorgeous little one.