July 12, 2013

Foot Surgery

Since October 2012, my foot has hurt.  Prior to October I was sure it was plantar facitious.  My big toe ALWAYS feels like it is out of the socket.  Sometimes I am fine.  Other times it hurts so bad, it brings tears to my eyes.  In May, I was driving and couldn't hit the break on my car.  My foot hurt so bad.  It scared me.  So I asked Aaron to X-ray it and we made an appointment with a podiatrist.  Dr. Scott Rogers.
Surgery was set for July 12, 2013
What was supposed to be a bone spur on my right big toe (knuckle area) turned out to be diseased and nacrotic cartilage.  Once removed, holes were drilled in the bones in the knuckle and toe to try to stimulate new growth.  Dr. Scott Rogers says this will hopefully get me out of pain but will still need a joint replacement in the next 205 years.  Awesome!

Update: July 16 - Post Op Visit

Update: Stitches came out July 23rd. (no pics)

Update:  August 6th visit... healing.  Not getting much movement back.  Still hurts.  

Update: August 20th.  Getting a bit more movement... still a pain to get around.

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