July 18, 2013

Draper Idol 2013

On July 9th, Kenzie auditioned for Draper Idol.  
She made it past the first round which narrowed the competition down to 15 people.  

Thursday night, July 18th, was the actual competition.  
(driving to Summit Academy)

She played Oh Darling for this round. 
Click HERE to see her performance. 
They narrowed it down to 8 and she was one of them.

She played Gonna Find Another You by John Mayer for the final round. 
Click HERE to see her performance. 
Then they announced the winners.

2nd Runner Up:
Tie: Hannah Peterson & Mason Winters

1st Runner Up:
Elise Winters

Winner of Draper's Idol 2013
Kenz Hall

Grandma Janice and Grandpa Hans came from Reno to see her perform.

Grandpa Earl and his friend Krista joined us as well. 

My entire family came out to support Kenz.  
She is so lucky to have such amazing people surround her and love and support her.  
I feel very blessed!

You are braver then I ever was... I am so proud of you Kenz.  Whether you win or not, really doesn't matter - I am just so glad you are willing to share your beautiful voice and talent with others.  
You are a sweetheart and a very beautiful girl!!
and occasionally you are a little goofy!!
I love you!!

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