February 26, 2013

Quick Favor to Ask....

Kenzie's dream is to be a Musician
... (aka: singer, rock star, etc)

After Alta Idol, I have been told by MANY people that Kenz needs to have a YouTube acct/channel with lots of followers/subscribers.  

I am new to all of this (& am probably even using all the wrong terms) but she (we) would Love it 
if you would check her out on YouTube & subscribe or follow her (however you say it).  
Even leave her a comment or "Like" her songs, etc.  We would really appreciate it. 

click HERE to go to her acct.

Last night she was bored watching to Jazz game so I told her to go record something.  
She decided to quickly to the "Cup" song from Pitch Perfect 
(great movie if you like music and need a laugh).  

1 comment:

Lindy said...

you have a VERY talented daughter! What a great idea to start a you tube page for her. I'm sure she will go places:)