February 22, 2013

Alta Idol ~ What a Night!!

What a night!!!
After auditioning, last week, for her high school's Alta Idol, she made it to the Top 13.

Wednesday proved to be a day for nerves, meltdowns, pep talks, & Kleenex.  Kenz caught a cold.  Her voice was going & she didn't feel good.  She stayed home from school & we chatted  ~ reminding her that "Winning isn't everything." We were already very proud of her!!!
She told us that she "probably wouldn't make it to the final round" & if she DID ...because she is "only a sophomore & no one knows her, there is NO WAY she could win".  
We again told her "winning isn't everything."

Thursday was THE NIGHT!
Her Fan Club (aka family) arrived just before 7 pm, ready to CHEER Kenz on!!
(I know I say this a lot - my family is THE best! 
Everyone that COULD be there  - was.  Manda was on Facetime with us but we lost connection for Kenz's performance.  But even with the timezone difference she was texting well wishes & anxiously waiting for results.   My family is ALWAYS there to support each other & is sincerely happy to be there.  They really are THE BEST!)

It was our understanding that: 
~ all 13 would sing. 
~ Judges would eliminate half.  
~ The remaining would sing.  
~ The audience would vote as they left.  
~The winner would be announced on Friday morning...

We were WRONG!

They introduced the JUDGES:
Steve Simons 
~ former Alta Choir Director & member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Aleksndr Arteaga
~ Theatrical performer

~ American Idol Season 11 Semi-Finalist 

1st Round

She decided to sing: 
Oh Darling (Beatles)

The Judges commented on her performance.

The judges scores were tallied & the3 finalist were announced:

All I could hear was "I probably wouldn't make it to the final round" & if I did, "I'm not popular enough to win"...
Mackenzie Tolk has a beautiful voice, comes from a musical family,  & is a senior.
Kynlie Godfrey is a popular girl with a great voice & I'm told "everyone loves her".

Kenzie had to sing FIRST.

She debated singing a medley of Ed Sheeran songs (different then the one she has on youtube) or Bon Iver's "I Can't Make You Love Me."   I LOVED the Ed Sheeran medley & thought, if it was being judged by her classmates, that was the way to go but it was her decision & BOTH were awesome!!

After the other girls sang, they told us we had "FIVE MINUTES to text in our votes!!"
IDOL1 for Kenzie Hall
IDOL2 for Mackenzie Told
IDOL3 for Kynlie Godfrey.
Then they announced the WINNER!! 
(Remember there is "NO WAY she could win!")
(Yes I hit the power off button on accident after they announced her name... duh!!!!)

We were SO Proud of our Kenz!!!
She was congratulated by many friends & family ...
... Kyle Khou wanted to talk to her to congratulate her & share some advice.  

Plus they say she gets $50 from Alta High School for winning ... That might just buy her a tank of gas that her dad brought home an hour before she had to leave... ;)


Mommason Hillary said...

WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! amazing - amazing - gifted and amazing.... congrats Kenz~ (:

Alyssa said...

She looks so happy in that last picture. I am thrilled for her success. What a great day for her. She deserved this "moment". High school can be so deflating sometimes. I love that she now has this memory of a time where she was "celebrated" and "honored" for the true beauty and talent that she is. Amazing.

Patty said...

Hip Hip Hooray!