September 14, 2012

What our Life Consists of...

~ Our lives consist of ~
(Flag) Football, 
and more Football!
Mackay's Alta team played Copper Hills (green).  
Mackay plays the ENTIRE game because he starts for Offense and Defense. He hurt his knee during practice and it was hurting him during this game.  He was limping around a lot.
(favoring his knee & walking funny)
He did great in all of his positions.  I love to watch him play Quarterback, especially when he throws the ball. He would prefer to RUN the ball... His blog has one of his great throws (click here to see it)Here is one of his "running" plays.  He has a hard time running through the right hole... and tends to go around instead ... less people there I guess.  His dad is sure to remind him every time he does this.  

It was a tough game & we almost let it go at the end ... but we came away with a WIN!!

Go Hawks!!

And then there is Flag Football for our Haddie!!
His first EVER TOUCHDOWN!!  It is a little trick play and it worked.  He had a hard time knowing which way to run but once he figured it out, he took off!

He was SO EXCITED!!!

We watch our boys play and then we come home and turn on ESPN and enjoy watching every game that is aired... especially the Steelers. 
There last game brought a few tears for Mackay... :( 
It is hard to be known at the biggest STEELER fan - especially at the bus stop after his team loses... 

This weekend we will enjoy the BYU/UTAH GAME.
It is MY favorite family party that we have, but because it is too early this year, our party won't be as well attended or as fun... Oh well.... For us Football is always a party and always FUN!

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amanda said...

I love that your kids have passions. It's fun for the whole family. I wish I could come to the games. We'd love cheering them on.
I love Haydee's face in that picture....priceless.
I wish I could be there for the BYU/Utah party:( We thought of having people over til we notice that is starts at 10pm our time---no fun!!! Enjoy it without us.