July 21, 2012

My "Darling's" Permitted!

My "Darling..." Kenz got her Learner's Permit yesterday (7/20/12).  
She was a "Nervous-Nelly" going in but all SMILES coming out!! 
Now Aaron gets the fun job of taking her out on the road for 60 hours... 
I can't believe I have a daughter old enough to drive!!  
Where has the time gone?  

Kenz with her Learner's Permit!


amanda said...

Now which of you is going to let her practice in your car? I imagine you'll let her drive to mustang or the mercedes. Guess she'll have to drive the big escalade:)

Dawn said...

Her first time was in the Escalade!! Hee hee.... Then he took her in the Mustang... I will NOT be going!!!! Ever!!!! :)