July 15, 2012

Dad's Reunion

Dad gathered some "Old Friends" from his past singing groups,
The Little Society
Dave Mason (Base) Paul Christensen (Guitar) Scott Strong Maren Hales, ?? Earl Dorius aka: Dad (Guitar) 
The Little Society Reunion
Rawn Wallgren (Banjo) ___?? Earl Dorius ___?? Dave Mason (Base) Jim Ingle (seated front) Maren Hale Paul Christensen Scott Strong (seated ) 
I may have those names wrong... I'll check with Dad.
and Group Therapy
Paul Christensen (Guitar) Bob Daly (Base) Dad (Guitar) Diane Stewart
for a Pickin' & Grinnin' Reunion Party.
Some of these people... Dad hadn't seen since the 60's!!
Since Kenzie's dream is to one day have a band and Sing on Stage, we got to go.
It was SOOOOOO much FUN!!!!
 Roe finishes setting the Buffet
 Kenz at the drink station.
 Rawn & Julie Walgren with Maren Hale
Connie & Dave Mason with Jim Ingle - Mingling before dinner -  Walgrens with Hales
Watching a DVD of "The Story of the Little Society" 
After dinner it was time to SING!!!
Dave Mason on Base.  Diane Steward & Maren Hale as lead vocals.  Paul Christensen & Dad on Guitar.

Dave & Diane       ~       Jim Ingle & Rawn Wallgren on Guitar and Banjos
Maren Hales & Paul Christensen
Maren, Paul and Dad - Enjoying the Sounds

Reminiscing... which leads to lots of ... ... ... .
(notice Diane wiping the tears of joy from her cheeks.)

We arrived at 6 & finally left at 11 pm!  
Now THAT is a sign of a GREAT Party!!!

He shouldn't wait another 40 years to get together... :)


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