July 26, 2012

Gifts Bring Joy

I love to give gifts & trying to find just the right thing or at least something with meaning.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I am off the mark, but I still enjoy giving Gifts.

In the spring of 2008, Mother's Day was approaching.  My mom had asked for 2 outdoor table clothes ~  not vinyl, with a hole for umbrellas, and "cute".  I searched for just the right ones.  Then she was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma.  Instantly, the tablecloths became silly.  I started to think... what are gifts for??  They have no meaning and are just fluff...  "My mom is dying & I am going to give her a tablecloth" ~ see what I mean?  

That Mother's day, she gave each of us a Willow Tree Statue entitled "Miracles".  
Ashley had given one to her when she got sick and my mom loved it.  She wanted each of us to have one too.  Heaven knows we were in need of a Miracle.  

She got her tablecloths ... but she also received a book of letters filled with photos.  Letters from each of us from the heart.  She was surprised and, because I know my mom, I knew she was a little uncomfortable.  She hates to be center of attention.   
(Mom opening our book.)  
Weeks later when talking about the book she said she loved it but also knew how much we loved her, even without reading the words.  Although she knew it, I am still glad we did it.  I know sometimes it is easier to write our feelings than express them.

Two months later, we were celebrating Adam (22nd) and Alyson's (1st) birthday. I asked Mom what she wanted me to buy for Aly.  Manda had requested something with meaning, but my mom, being a MOM, knew that a one-year-old needed something "fun" to open.  Correct me, Manda, if I am wrong, but I think Mom had me buy her a doll.  We also bought Aly an "I am a Child of God" book and Mom signed the first page.  My mom died the day after Aly's birthday (July 27th)
Someday Aly will be so grateful for this book - 
Today she is 5 and is so grateful for MAKE UP!! :)  
My mom would have LOVED this!

Mom was always good to try to find the gifts we "wanted"... she knows how kids work ... And when we got older, she gave birthday & Christmas gifts, but she also gave something simple on small occasions, she wanted us know she was thinking of us & that we were still her little girl or boy.   

Since her death, some of the most special gifts we have received have been because of her.


Jenn - I wish I had a photo of your beautiful necklace & earrings.  

(click on any picture in this post for story of gift)

Regardless if the gift is perfect or not ~ Gifts come from the heart.  Gifts are given out of love.  Gifts make people happy.  Even those giving the gift experience joy... Gifts aren't meaningless or just fluff --- 
Gifts bring JOY!
I am so grateful for Mom's gift to Alyson when she turned 1.  
I love little messages from heaven every now and again.  They mean so much.
 Today is "Hollywood's" birthday... ;) 
Happy Birthday to Alyson JOY!!  

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amanda said...

She also bought Aly the "grandma" willow tree that year. You bought her the doll:) still it was a very meaningful present. One that remains on a very high shelf until she gets a little older:)