June 12, 2012

A Western Welcome Woody Style

Saturday was a day off... at least for the Hall family.  Manda went and visited a close friend in the afternoon and then went to Josh & Megan's for a BBQ but it was CHILLY!!!  
Sunday we had another party (themed: Welcome Back to the West)
Mackenzie made me a larger-than-life Bullseye. 
She never ceases to amazing.  
Aaron BBQ'd hot dogs &  hamburgers.  Of course the weather turned cold for our OUTSIDE games.

Of course we played games.
"Let Loose Cowboy" ~ lasso the horse with a hula-hoop

 "There's a Snake in my Boots" ~ a rattle snake toss
But then it got too cold and we finished our games inside.
"Hey Etch...Draw" ~ Toy Story Character Pictionary
"Who Said It?" ~ Toy Story Quotes
The Allens won and got first pick in the prize bucket.

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