June 12, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Monday we went to the Salt Lake Cemetery.  
Several of our relatives are buried there.  My dad gathered us around each head stone and shared pictures and stories of our family members.  Some stories were familiar and some were new.  It was a sweet experience for many of us.  The kids listened more then we expected and even asked questions as to how they were related to the people we were talking about.  They also etched some of the names on the headstones as we took a Walk Down Memory Lane.  

Our Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Earl (Dad's parents)

Our Great Grandparents - Grandma Ruth's Parents (Dad's grandparents)
Our Great Grandparents - Grandpa Earl's parents (Dad's other grandparents)

Uncle John (Aunt Carole's husband)

Our Great Grandparents - Grandpa Ralph's parents (Mom's grandparents)

We also visited several Prophets graves.

And also the Christmas Box Angel

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