August 1, 2011

Self Hair Cuts

I remember Kenzie cutting her own hair when she was 2 1/2 years old.
I was showing my house (trying to sell it at the time) to a couple and found Kenz was sitting on the ground of her bedroom cutting her Barbie's hair and her own hair.
She was lucky there were people around.

Hayden has cut his hair too.
For some reason I have no memory of why he did it.
But it was a long time ago and since he is 6 now, I am sure he was probably 2 or 3.

Mackay had yet to experience the "Self Hair Cut".
Now that he is 9 YEARS OLD, I guess he felt it was time......
He got contacts last week.
He has done great at getting them in and out by himself.
I am thinking that he had dirty fingers and put his contacts in.
He said he felt like his hair was getting in his eyes.
(I remember having a "fuzzy" on my contacts and feeling like I had hair or something in my eye.)
He decided to just cut the piece that was getting in his eyes...
with KITCHEN SHEARS non the less.
I drove home from a doctor's appt listening to a sweet phone message from my 9 year old:

"Um, Mom... I did something bad. I cut my hair. It was just a little and then a lot. If you need to ground me, I'll understand."

After hearing the message my goal when I got home... try NOT TO YELL.
I did great at first, asking if he had gum in his hair - "no"
or if he got food or glue in his hair - "no".
Finally repeating the words "so NOTHING was in your hair?? You just cut it because you thought it was in your eyes?" "Yes".
I showed him how his hair isn't even close to his eyes...
My words got a little bit louder... and my breathing a little bit deeper - I didn't YELL!
We all got in the car (it was Wednesday and we were all heading to the cemetery for a picnic).
After our picnic we drove straight to Super Cuts.
Usually I am to tell the stylist:
"a #2 around the sides and a 1/2 inch off the top" per Aaron's request.
The lady HAD to do a #1 everywhere just to make it even... Whoa....

He came out and asked "What have they done to me?"
I replied, "they just finished the job you started. But your will be nice and cool for summer and there will be lots of extra space in your football helmet."
I don't think he will ever cut his own hair again.


Alyssa said...

I like the haircut!!!

amanda said...

Woah!! It'll be a while til his hair gets in his eyes too:) Silly Mackay. He has a month for it to grow before school and that's all that matters.