August 1, 2011

Little Reminders

My sister Amanda shared this with me.
I love the little reminders.
I have always love the way MUSIC makes me feel.

In primary, my favorite song the children sing is "If I Listen with my Heart".
It always amazes me how much impact a song can have.
I find I listen to lessons or read in the scriptures and church magazines, but I don't really internalize it until it is put to music - I guess that is "listening with my heart".
As I listened to this song, I am reminded that I am not ALONE.
I know I wait to ask for help.
I figure He only has time to help with the "big" stuff.
But I am not alone and He is waiting for me to ask for help, even with the small things.
Thanks Manda for sharing! I needed it! :)


Alyssa said...

Love It. Great song.

amanda said...

I think it has such a great message for all walks of life. My friends who lost her husband commented on it on FB. I, too try to do it all alone but I've learned this year more than ever that I really can't do it alone.