December 4, 2010

The Count Down

When I was young, my mom made a paper chain that counted down the days until Christmas.
When Kenzie was young, I did the same.
For several years, I have neglected this tradition.
Not THIS year!
Day 1 - Open Advent Calendars

Day 2 - Christmas Slippers

Day 3 - Go Caroling to Aunt Carole and take her a Christmas Tree
-this requires a post all of its own...coming soon.

Day 4- Write a letter to Santa.

Day 5- Listen to the Prophet

1 comment:

amanda said...

I love this tradition of doing something fun each day. And I love that Haydee is "naked" in the middle of winter as he is writing his Christmas letter to Santa. And I love the reminder that "the last name's Hall" ---so cute!!!