December 3, 2010

Best Friends

When my mom died, we all spoke at her funeral. Each one of us included the words
"I was my mom's best friend."
We believed we were. She was definitely ours.
But we were her daughters and her sons. My dad was her boyfriend and then her husband. Mom had a "Best Friend", her name was Debbie.
Sometimes they called each other "Ethel" and "Daisy". Sometimes they called each other to go to Reams, Shakeys, or Der Ratzkeller. Sometimes they called each other "out" like when one made the other WAIT. But if my mom was here today, she would still call Debbie her "Best Friend".
Debbie is a little piece of my mom. Being around her is like being around my mom. Debbie has listened to us vent, laugh, and complain. She cries with us. And she encourages us. She reminds us how proud Mom was of us and how much she loved us. Debbie misses my mom the way we miss her. She loves her like we do.

Thank you Debbie, for taking us to lunch yesterday. It was so fun and so sweet. Thank you Shauna, Becky, and Kami for letting us talk, laugh, and cry, but especially for sharing your mom.
We love each of you and are SO thankful for BEST FRIENDS!


Debbie said...

What a kind post! What beautiful women you have all turned out to be. Kathy would be so proud of all of you. (And that goes for the Tyler Women also.) It was fun and should become a tradition. Merry Christmas!

Shauna said...

That was so great to see you all and catch up. It's fun knowing that we can get together and it's just like old times. Tell Amanda we missed her.

Anonymous said...

What a kind, thoughtful gesture for Debbie and her daughters to do. I'm sure that just being together, visiting about old times, brought you all a little closer. I'm sure your sweet mother's presence was all around. Thank You Debbie for your kindness towards Dawn; she has become like a daughter to me. My son and the rest of our family are so blessed to have her. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

amanda said...

I am sad I missed it. It's nice to be with people who "knew" our mom. They understand what a loss it is and why we are still so sad. Not many do. And they are a little piece of the past that we so miss:( I'm glad you got together. We'll have to do it in the summer when I can come next time!!

jenn said...

That was so therapeutic! I am so glad we did that! Thanks Debbie! You always know when we need you. We miss MOM like crazy, but especially during the holidays. You bring her a little closer.