November 20, 2010

Two Random Thoughts... Very Random

VERY random stuff I thought I would share.

Second : I am a proud aunt of a sweet little 7 year old! My sister Manda hates attention. She is a little shy and very humble. But she has a darling little girl who did something pretty amazing!! For her 7th birthday she decided to donate all of her gifts to the Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital. She came up with the idea all by herself. A few people in the media learned about it and she has been recognized on TV as well as in the newspaper. I thought I would share the article. To read it click here : newspaper

Way to Go Jane!!

Like I said - VERY RANDOM!!

Not a lot going on around here. Just getting ready for the holidays.

Thanksgiving is my very FAVORITE!!!

Can't Wait!

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amanda said...

I can't get myself to blog. My life is boring and I'm too grumpy:{