November 6, 2010

Rainbow Connection

Kenzie records herself (usually in the middle of the night).
She doesn't ask us to watch them.
She just tucks them away...
her mother finds them and puts them on her blog!!

I wish she would show them to me.
I love to listen to her.
Yes, I am her mother, but I think her voice is so fun to listen to.
She refuses to take singing lessons... too nervous... but I love her country-twang style.
Such a Cutie!!


amanda said...

So does she just record herself and put it on YouTube? That is so cute. She is sooooo talented. I am glad you post them so we can see. We listen to "Kenzie's Songs" every day in the car so it's time for a new CD release:)

Debbie said...

Sweet voice! She is a talented girl.

janhans said...

I agree with Amanda, she should record on YouTube. There is improvement every time I listen to her. Thanks again Dawn for posting them so we can her and see also. I listen to her in my car also, and I once again I agree with Amanda..I would love a new release. Then I could put them on shuffle!! Luv G-ma Kenzie you are so talented..and We are sooo proud of you..