November 11, 2010

Oh My Gosh... We Got Josh!

Oh My Gosh... We got Josh!!
He came into our family today!!
What do we do??? With you???
Who'd ever thought a boy would come our way??
Happy Birthday to Joshie!!!!!!
We LOVE You!!!


amanda said...

Aww...We just love Joshie!!! Hope he has a great birthday. He says he is going to try a little Karaoke for his birthday. Only Joshie:)!!!

amanda said...

I love Joshie!!! Yes' We do got Joshie. We miss you and love you with hugs and kisses. We wish we could be there with you to celebrate with you.

Love Jane.

Debbie said...

You know the story, but I love repeating things. Ha.
I amde a blue baby quilt for Josh and I got the song wrong. So I put'
"Oh By Gosh, We got Josh" instead of Oh My Gosh, We got Josh." Your mom laughed so hard about that. She thought it was hilarious. I was like, "What is so funny?" Oh least we got Josh!