October 7, 2010

"Lay the Foundation"

Warning: This post contains a bit of venting... reader discretion is advised.

Many years ago, I had a conversation with my mom.
I had had someone come, unexpectedly, to my home & I was MORTIFIED with how it looked. It was messy & dirty & I was SO embarrassed.

My mom simply solved my problem with three little words -

She explained that before you get in your bed at night,

Fill the dishwasher, pick up toys, fold blankets & set throw pillows, & wipe off counter tops.
Take a few minutes to Lay the Foundation so that
A: you can sleep peacefully at night &
B: if someone knocked on your door, you won't be embarrassed to let them in.

Simple!! I have lived by this rule.
I ALWAYS Lay the Foundation.
Even Aaron teases me when I come to bed after him asking in a mocking voice, "Did you LAY THE FOUNDATION?"

Unfortunately, this rule has made me a little crazy too.
I can't think straight, sleep sound, or even start doing anything else until my house is in order & I have Laid the Stupid Foundation.

A few weeks ago, I told you about my "new project".
Well, one idea/project has led to another & I am surrounded by so many UNFINISHED projects.

Unfinished Project #1: The Basement.
Decorating has always come pretty easy to me, but not in my basement.
I love the furniture but can't get that warm cozy feeling.
I can't tell if it needs blinds on the doors or what...
I wish I had a before picture... I forgot.

Unfinished Project #2: Basement Cupboards
I am waiting on Cupboards that will go above the counter in the basement.
They are supposed to be here TOMORROW... I am not holding my breath.
Unfinished Project #3: Fireplace Mantle
My fireplace is waiting for a mantle. Once the mantle is in - I will hang the floral arrangements somewhere else & will need something ON the mantel. I am thinking ahead to what will look nice but can't purchase or move forward until the mantle arrives.
Unfinished Project #4: The Deck

Picture of tiny rotting deck BEFORE they started the new one.

I am SOOOOO EXCITED for our new deck. It will be big & beautiful. I can't wait.
In the meantime, I can't use my back door.
I never knew how often I escaped out the back door -
to take the dog "out", to chat quietly on the phone, to check if coats are needed for school,
to find children, to hide from children, etc.
It will be so nice when the deck is finished but I wish it would be finished TODAY.

Unfinished Project #5: The Hot Tub
Okay, so this project is still in the convincing stages.
Soon as Aaron realizes that there is a hot tub missing under the new deck, then we will need to put in a new outlet that can handle a hot tub, purchase the hot tub, have it delivered, installed, filled, & heated. Won't that be nice when it gets done??
Finished Project #1: Gas Fireplace
Aaron doesn't like unfinished projects any more then I do, & this is one he had some control over. So, we purchased the fireplace. He spent a day digging out & building footings for it.
Voila...we have a fireplace in our lower patio.
We wish we could enjoy it, but there is patio furniture, nails, trex material, & garbage from the unfinished deck all over it. I am SURE we will love it once we can use it. Thank you, honey, for starting a project & finishing it all in the same day. XOXOX!!

Lastly, I wish I had taken pictures of where I put my Fall/Halloween decorations last year. I loved my house last year & I don't love it this year.
So Unfinished Project #6: Holiday Decor

I sound so grumpy!!!
Unfinished is almost worse then messy in my opinion.
I know it is a sickness that I have.
I just really like my house in order & not UNFINISHED.
I like it when the FOUNDATION is LAID!!!
I'll keep you posted when projects get finished...


amanda said...

Curses!!!! Mom (and Dad) has made us so crazy about having a house of order. I love having a nice clean, decorated house but I think I miss out on what's really important sometimes. A little dirt and clutter reminds us that we are human (but just the sound of it makes me tick a little).
Your projects will be done soon enough and then you'll wish you had something to decorate (you can always come HERE and do my house:)

Shauna said...

How fun to get a new deck. That is on our list of projects also. There is always a list of projects isn't there. I love "Lay the Foundation." Such a smart idea.

Alyssa said...

I am certain the "works in progress" at your house are surely driving you nuts. But, I can't wait until they are finished and you can enjoy them with your all of your friends, family and loved ones. I know how much you love people in your home and want them to feel cozy and comfortable. All of these little details will work themselves out eventually. It is so great that you can make these upgrades and tailor your beautiful home into exactly what you want it to be. I may have to invite myself over so I can see it in person.