October 11, 2010

Football's Not the Best

A while back, I picked Hayden up from preschool and as he got in the car he said; "Mom, Preschool's not the best." I laughed. What a nice way to say you don't like something. Since then the phrase has stuck. In our house, USUALLY, Football IS the best. As a family, we love football! We love to watch football, play football, even chat about football.

Mackay getting instructions from his coach as he goes in to play QB!! :)
BUT - this week "Football is NOT the Best!"

This Thursday, after Football practice, we planned to join my sister's family in Park City. We knew we would have to come home for his 10:30 am game on Saturday. But then we'd head back up for the rest of the long weekend. With it being UEA - maybe they would even cancel THURSDAY'S practice! Nope - we just aren't that lucky!! Practice this week:
Monday 5:15-7:15

THURSDAY 5:15-7:15

FRIDAY 5:15-7:15!!!!!

Game Saturday (9:30) 10:30 am. So this week -
"Football's NOT the Best!"


Alyssa said...

You can still squeeze in both, right?? It may be quite a bit of driving around, BUT....it would be worth it. I can volunteer to take Mackay to any practices, too, or pick him up and bring him to Park City. Don't give up on the idea of your getaway. It sounds too fun. (P.S. - I have something really fun for you for your birthday. If I don't see you this week, let's cross paths next week so I can give it to you!)

jenn said...

I hate football this week too. Bummer!

amanda said...

I am so happy to be taking a break from all of our extra activities. It's too busy. It's not the best:)
Adam said you were all going to PC this weekend. Sounds fun!! Wish I could come. What are you doing for your b-day??

Shauna said...

That's too bad. Weird that they would do Thursday and Friday practices. Happy Birthday!

betsy clayton said...

i am laughing at this post because it sounds like us! we are going to park city to camp... we have practice that we have to come back for and then the game on saturday... i was trying to run the half marathon saturday but football got in the way of that too! sometimes, this football is not the best!:(