May 1, 2010

Need an Idea for FHE????

Last week, in the Tribune Obituaries, I read about a 15 year-old boy that had passed away. They put a blog link in his obituary. I was so impressed with the parents and appreciated their honesty. If you have a minute... it is worth reading and sharing with your children. He was only 15!!

I also got an email from my sister. It was forwarded to her by her mother-in-law, but originated from a lady in her ward - just down the street from me. This is what the email said:

Attached are photos of my grandson, Kyle. He did this on Friday afternoon. The pictures at the hospital were about 5 hours after "huffing". Pictures on the sofa were taken about 24 hours after "huffing". He used 3-M electronics cleaner. We feel lucky that his injuries were not any worse and, needless to say, he survived. Many apparently don't. We feel it is our obligation as parents and grandparents to make people aware of the danger.

I can't make these bigger.
If you want to see them full size, email me.
I will send you the email.
It makes more of an impact, especially for kids,
if they can SEE the effects, up close.

Made for a great Family Home Evening...
How do we teach our kids to make good choices??


Alyssa said...

We parents have to fight hard to win the battle against drugs and our children. Even though my children are still so young, I try to teach them every day about the deadly and harmful effects of drugs. These two stories are good examples to help support my pleas for them to stay away from drugs. It is so sad. Good kids can make bad choices that have fatal results.

Debbie said...

That is amazingly sad! How hard for them.

amanda said...

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