May 7, 2010

And I would do it all again...

I think it is funny
(or humbling, or embarrassing)...
the things we are willing to do
to be recognized...
ONE day of the year.

My darling niece Jessica and me -Thanksgiving 1996
Mackenzie was born 18 days later.

My sweet little Kenzie & me - Halloween 2001
Mackay was born 12 days later.

Christmas 2006
Hayden came on New Year's Eve.

...And I would do it all again.
I am honored to be their MOM!!
Happy Mother's Day!!


amanda said...

YOu look the best with Hayden and he was your third. How did that happen. Thanks for not posting pictures of me. Unlike you I got worse with each kid.
I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!

amanda said...

Happy mothrs day dawnie jane

Alyssa said...

Was that Pittsburgh's Triple B Farms in the background of your pregnant-with-Mackay photo??? Loved that place. (or was it Simmons Farm or Trax Farm?)!

Thanks for posting such great pics. I don't think I ever saw you pregnant with Kenz, so that photo was fun to see. I cannot believe how time flies. You have great kids that are well rounded and grounded in life. You are a terrific mom.

And, yes, I am sure you would "do it all again". Because you are good at the whole "mom thing"!

Happy Mother's Day to you tomorrow. Hope your thoughts about your own mom this weekend are comforting and reassuring - I know it's still hard without her. *Hug*

jenn said...

Boy you are brave to post those pics. I don't think I even have pictures of me pregnant. Thank heavens. The things we do for our dear children. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Merilee said...

Ha! You did it! :) Love these pics. I would totally do it all over again too.

janhans said...

Dawn, you are so fun. I throughly enjoyed your pregnancy pics. Pregnant women to me are always beautiful. You are such a great Mom, and I am so very thankful that my Son found you. You are a wonderfuk wife to him. I couldn.t ask for anymore. I Love You..