April 20, 2010


My mom loved Tulips.

A month after my mom died, we moved into a new home. That fall (2008), I bought a bunch of Tulips. My kids and I planted them and talked about my mom and their grandma the entire time. It was a happy moment. The following spring, Tulips bloomed. I smiled and thought of my mom each time I saw them.

Last fall (2009), I bought more Tulips. This time, only Hayden and I planted them. Again, we talked about Grandma Kathy. He loves to talk about her. I hate that his memories of her are what I tell him. I wish he had had more time with her. As we finished planting our tulips, I kept five bulbs out.

On a Sunday, last Fall, I told Aaron I had five tulip bulbs left. I asked him if he thought it was dumb that I wanted to try to plant them at the cemetery by my mom's grave.

I have to say - I am so thankful for a husband that supports me. He never laughs at my ideas and he does whatever he can to make my ideas happen. So I don't know why I expected him to say all the things I had already thought of like:

"The lawn mower is just going to mow over them" or
"I don't think they will grow in grass" or
"Your mom really doesn't care if she has tulips at her grave."

Nope - he didn't say any of these things. He stood up, got his shovel (not a little hand shovel, but the BIG kind) and we got in the car - just the two of us. We planted five tulip bulbs.

I love going to the cemetery when it is WARM outside. It hasn't been warm for a while. But yesterday was WARM. I packed a lunch - basically picked it up at a drive-thru, and Hayden and I headed to the cemetery for a picnic.

This is what I saw...


All five are there.

I smiled and thought of my mom.

Then...amidst one of the Tulips, I saw this...


Can you just hear Mom?
"Look at that one. Doesn't that look fun?? It like popping ..." ...never mind... :)


Alyssa said...

Yay for Tulips! I love that Aaron is willing to do anything to make you happy - even planting tulips on a moments notice. He is good to you. You are both good to each other, which is how it is supposed to be. I like that you picnic at your mom's resting spot,too. It seems like a reassuring and serene way to still connect with your mom. And I can hear her making that comment about that last tulip. It does look "fun".

amanda said...

Yay for the Tulips!! I love when mine bloom. A reminder of mom. I love the gigantic weed. That is huge. Mom wouldn't have let that one stay. You need to get your gardening gloves and pull it. It would make mom proud:)
Thanks for putting the dinner together for when I'm out there.

Shauna said...

I remember growing up you guys always had to weed the yard. I make my kids do it too. Your mom would have loved the Tulips.

amanda said...

jane i love grandma too.we have some tulups dawnie.i love you

amanda said...

oh and hallo eneebaty thar.

amanda said...

"hooked on phonics" is so NOT working for Jane:)

jenn said...

I love it!!! It will be fun to see them bloom each year!

amanda said...

tobe is coling me bustid. i am not bustid and dad is going to poot me in my room for somthing i didunt do

Dawn said...

Janey - I can't wait until you are here so we can talk in real life!! I love your comments. Such a funny girl!

janhans said...

What a fun idea to plant Tulips. I agree... Yay for the Tulips. Dawn and Aaron, you are creating wonderful memories for each of your children. They may never leave Home!!!hugs to you all