April 17, 2010

Socked in the Gut...

Have you ever been "socked in the gut"?? That moment when everything in life is normal, fine, honky-doory, and then you see something or read something or hear something, and all of the sudden you feel like you have been "socked in the gut".

I put on a primary activity for over 80 people this morning. Came home and sat outside on a recliner with Kenzie for a while enjoying the sunshine. I don't really have a lot on my plate right now, so I am not stressed, nervous, overwhelmed, - - nothing. I am fine.

I got on the computer and started roaming... you know... when you are looking for nothing and one thing takes you to another, and then another and another... I ended up seeing this.

It looks like nothing. But first, I didn't know Ashley even tried to have a blog, so that surprised me. Then I looked at her comments. The last comment on her blog is from KatBean. I figured it was Josh. He and Adam are really the only ones that called my mom Kat Bean and Josh's blog was a tribute to "Kat Bean". But I read the comment, then reread the comment. and reread it again. It was back in December of 2007. It was my mom.

I read her comment and felt that feeling... "socked..."

I miss my mom.


amanda said...

I miss her too:( Everyday:( She left a few comments on my blog back then. I love the comment she left on my post on December 22, 2007...so mom. That is what I miss!!

Alyssa said...


jenn said...

I think it is always going to sting a little...no a lot. Just when you least expect it, there she is. Or, there she isn't. That is worse!!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh. I forgot that I set that up one day at Amanda's house. I never even saw the comments...ever. Thanks for socking me in the gut. I miss her too!

Dawn said...

I wish she could register from heaven "to at least leave a comment." Maybe she has and is too busy playing Free Cell to check our blogs. :)
Manda, I love her comment on 12/22/07. She was our kids biggest fan/advocate.

Debbie said...

I got to hear about every single grandchild she had and she LOVED each.
I still can't take her phone number off my phone or her email our of my address book.
Last week, Susan B. and I talked about how much we miss her. Dawn, there is NO FREECELL in heaven. Just here on earth. YAY!