April 26, 2010

Hard To Believe It's Over

Tonight, Aaron and I attended our
LAST Preschool Program

Aaron asked if I was sad.
wasn't one of the emotions I was feeling.
I was happy Hayden participated.
I was thrilled that Hayden's next school won't cost me $160.00 a month.
But most of all I was PROUD of my little man.

Hayden spent the first half of the year in a "fog".

In January, we were told that he couldn't recognize any letters or numbers.
He had memorized the shape of his name but had no idea what letter he was writing.
He had memorized the sound of his name "H-A-Y-D-E-N that's the way we spell Hayden" but had no idea what letter he was saying.

So WE have worked very hard for the last few months learning what all of the other children have learned over the past 2 years. (Why was I paying $160.00 a month again??) Last week, when I picked Hayden up, his teacher, Ms. Shirley, asked me what I was doing with him because "he has caught up and passed many of the children?" I hesitated to tell her that "there is a great DVD that Leap Frog puts out..."(Thank you Tobey for your DVD) ... anyway.

Tonight he was a "Star", actually he was a "Grasshopper".
He sang, danced, and even smiled - occasionally.
I was so proud!

It is hard to believe that our Preschool days are over.

Ms. Shirley and her husband Sandy

Kamrin was his partner for the Bugaboo dance.
He asked me several times this year why Kamrin has brown skin but her mom has white skin.

Decked out in his Grasshopper Costume.

I wish I knew how to download videos - his grasshopper dance was awesome!

Tradition is to look at the animals at Wheeler Farm after a Preschool Show. This time we looked at the animals first. We were a bit early.
It freaked Mackay out to break tradition - he is all about doing it the same.


amanda said...

ya thats with tobe to.it is sad i love you hady and you too dawnie.love jane

amanda said...

Haydee acts too old (or maybe too cool) to be doing a grasshopper dance. It's time he goes to the big school--Kindergarten here you come!! I'm glad he has learned all his letter now. Gotta love a DVD that does all the work for us:)

Shauna said...

Wow, that is a milestone. I am always so glad to not pay for Preschool anymore. We have one more then we are done. He is such a cute little guy.

Merilee said...

Aw, fun!
Was the DVD letter factory? Isn't it great!! Haha. Parker learned all of his letters from watching that last year. I didn't know your Hayden was having a hard time with numbers and letters, because when he was at our house back in January or February he was drawing a hopscotch thing on our back patio with sidewalk chalk and writing the numbers in the squares. I was shocked that he was already able to write all the numbers!

Alyssa said...

Ms. Shirley and her husband still look the same as I remember them from Ashlyn's time at that preschool six years ago. Too funny. I was unaware of Hayden's situation with his ABCs and numbers. You never mentioned it. Awesome job helping to get him caught up. Way to go, mom (and Leap Frog)! I cannot believe you have nearly graduated your last preschooler and he is headed to Kindergarten. Where does the time go?

Debbie said...

Amanda can't talk about Preschool. Kathy got me to sign up our 2 little girls, then Amanda dropped out. (OK, I'm over it!)(Really.)
Cute little Hayden.

Becky, yep said...

After a year off of preschool dues, we are heading back next year with Bird and I know I'll feel the same way you do. GLAD to not be there anymore!

Glad the day went so well!

Zackira's said...

What is this DVD, I think I have students that could use it and I would love to use it for Ko.