November 26, 2015


For some reason, I have a hard time remembering to take pictures on Thanksgiving.

While I watched the parade and set the table...

Mackay and Aaron played in our wards Turkey Bowl.

We went to see MockingJay Pt 2. while the turkey cooked.

One of my favorite parts about this holiday (besides that fact that it's just like Christmas - families gather, we eat a nice dinner, watch TV and relax, and everyone is happy because there are NO GIFTS!) is my Thanksgiving tablecloth.
I am grateful so many have signed it each year.
My mom was only alive to sign it one time.  It is a treasure to me.
I also love to see how my kids handwriting and answers change. 

We usually have Hans and Janice with us for Thanksgiving but due to an illness they weren't able to come.  But my sister Amanda and her family decided to come this year.  
Brett and Manda, Jane and Hayden

Aly, Kenz, and the crazy intense beagle Daisy

Manda took pictures but I didn't so I borrowed hers.  At least we have a few.

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