October 13, 2015

Josh and Megan's House

Before and Afters
Have I told said how much I LOVE to decorate?   
I am not a professional by any means but I sure ENJOY it!
When my siblings allow me to decorate their houses I jump for joy.  
Sometimes they ask me to do it ... 
and sometimes I just do it when they are away in the hospital with a broken femur.  

This house belongs to my brother Josh and his wife Megan.  
They both work full-time - 
Megan all day and Josh all night.  

So while Megan was at work she let me spend 2 full days doing whatever I (!!!) wanted.  
Her only request was "NO BROWN".   
I almost obliged.  
Unfortunately her master bedroom got a few touched of brown 
but since Josh has to take a nap before he goes to work, 
the brown curtains make it cozy and dark for a mid-day nap. 

I had a BLAST doing this.  
I also found you don't have to spend a fortune to make a house home.  
Use what you have, repurpose what your tired of, 
and if you break something in the process just add a wreath. 
(that last one ended up in the main floor bathroom.)  

Thank you to Josh and Megan for allowing me to play in your home!!!  
I hope you love it! 
 Front Door Foyer/Entry:
Big vaulted ceiling with fun windows.
 Blinds and a Sheer Curtain... 
but it was too short so we added a swoop and a wreath to mask length issue.

 Coat Closet in Entry

Family Room
Three Tall Windows - :))))) YUMMY!
Josh Mounted his TV - NO CORDS!!! Yay!! 

They got a great deal on this sectional.  
The chose grays and blues for the colors they wanted.

With Josh's artistic skills we asked him 
to paint a LARGE pieced for above the sectional using blue and gray.  
He was thrilled... 
When Megan saw it, her response was 
"I'm not stupid Josh - that is R2D2"  
He wasn't thrilled when we told him it didn't pass inspection.  
We found a spot for it though and it looks really cool. 

 W have since moved the tree to the other side hiding the plug... it looks much better.

Dining Nook
I LOVE this space... 
we are still trying to decide what to do for the windows.  
We have an idea but need to replenish the bank account 
considering there are FIVE windows. 
RUGS USA ($29) 
Yes you read that correctly5x8 rug for $29 it was a steal!!

Love the BRIGHT White!

The spoon (knife and fork to see later) were originally green with ivy all over them.  
A little too Olive Garden ish... 
so Kenz spray painted them and added a few little accents.
We also used the arrow/chalkboard to hide an extra "dud" outlet.

I love how the blue frame and green pot tie in with the rug.  :)

Back door/Mudroom Nook

Knife and Fork (see above)

The cubby to the right of the door is blank space, 
so we added a mirror, hooks for backpacks, and a basket for shoes.  
A make shift mudroom.

Main Floor Bathroom
This used to frame a gold globe with a scripture that was way out of date.  
So Kenz sprayed the frame and I sprayed the glass with chalkboard paint. 
It made a darling chalkboard until I shattered the glass... :(  
So we hung a wreath and put it in the bathroom. 

Moving to the Upstairs.
I love the landing at the top of the stairs.  
We haven't finished decorating this so stay tuned. 

Master Bedroom


Master Bath
Just added a curtain and a red vase on the counter.  
The bathroom is beautiful all by itself.

Upstairs Hallway
Every home needs a brag wall or a gallery

Boys Play Room

Josh's artwork is awesome!

Boys Bedroom
We spun the beds to a different wall so it didn't compete with the window.
Once we flipped the bedspreads the room went from being green and orange to blueish... 
So we could use R2D2!  And it looks great!!

Like I said - 
I had a ball!!!

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