September 18, 2015

Poor Molly

Molly hasn't been herself for a while.  I took her to the vet back in June and they told me she could have bronchitis but to just watch her.  She seemed to have labored breathing and a little cough. 
She got a little better  but not much.

This past week she started to cough and choke CONSTANTLY. Then she would gag and throw up.  Not fun for the mom cleaning everything up.  

So I called the vet again and took her in.
Poor Molly... The vet said she has bronchitis, a heart murmur, and an enlarged heart.  She said the heart should be at MOST 3 ribs in size.  Poor Moll has a rather LARGE HEART!  (I always say she's a Lover not a Fighter - Daisy on the other hand is a Fighter not a Lover)

She is on 3 different medications.  I don't see ANY improvement.  We are supposed to take her back to see if she's improved in 10 days.  I love my Molls.  I never thought I would say this... but she is like family and I will be REALLY SAD when she isn't with us anymore. 

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