September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Some years for Labor Day, we go to Payson and other years we go to Park City.
This year we took BOTH DOGS to Park City.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon in time to watch the AWESOME BYU game!!!

Then we headed to the Blue Iguana for dinner. 

Hayden managed to spill both is Rootbeer and his water

The kids entertained themselves by spitting water and spit wads at Aaron.
He retaliated... :(

We walked Main Street and got our traditional fill of Rocky Mountain Chocolates.

Sunday Morning we roamed Park Silly with just Daisy.  
She was a big hit.
She hated her Halti but atleast was under control.
Kenz has been asked to play Park Silly next year June 6, 2016 ... stay tuned for that. 

Hayden loves the elastic guns

Kenz wanted a cute picture with Daisy to send to Hayden but Daisy wouldn't cooperate and Mackay photobombed a few... 

Then after Hayden used Grandpa Earl's toothbrush... I decided it was time to head home.

Monday Aaron got the horrible flu that is going around.  It was intense.  I heard Sam got it too. NO FUN!!  We did nothing Monday because Aaron couldn't leave the bedroom.  Bummer!

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