July 5, 2015

Family Trip to Cabo

Saturday June 27th 
- Flight from SLC to Phoenix was easy.
We just need to make our connecting flight from Phoenix to Cabo.

This is what "Denied Boarding" Looks like:

By Land or by Sea - Passports are not necessary for children under 18 years old to enter Mexico.
But if you are FLYING ... ALL need passports.

waiting to figure out what we are going to do.
We booked a room at a Residence Inn in Tucson and planned to be at the Passport Office first thing Monday morning.

Kenz found Beats by Dre in the rental car while waiting in the Walgreens parking lot.  
The boys were in getting passport photos taken.

Sunday June 28 - Tucson Arizona
morning swim

afternoon movie - Jurassic World

Monday June 29
7 am in line to get a passport.
Opened at 8:30 am


5:00 pm boarding a plane for Cabo
We checked into our resort at 1 am.  We were happy to be in Cabo at the Villa Del Arco

Tuesday June 30
A day of relaxing by the pool and exploring the beach

Wednesday July 1
We rented jet skis & played on the beach.

While Aaron went scuba diving (pictures to come)
 we sat by the pool and drank 
Pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris & Shirley temples (& Diet Coke)

Mackay found a lizard in his bathroom.  He wasn't thrilled.

A fancy dinner at El Faro
Food wasn't great but the Creme Brulee was to die for!!

Thursday July 2 (our expected departure date)
Deep Sea Fishing on a Private Boat

In front of the famous arch

Hayden catches a Bonito

Kenz catches a Mahimahi

Mackay catches a Bonito

So far so good... 

While Kenz and Aaron share a moment of 80's music
the boys napped.

We went out deeper to try to catch a Marlin

Baiting the hook for BIGGER fish

Catching a BIGGER fish

Aaron catches an 8 1/2 ft. BULL SHARK!!

Because it is mating season, we can't keep the shark... but because we have another big fish on the line, we haven't tossed it back yet.
My favorite line from this video is "we have a Marlin on the line" to which Kenz says "yeah we also have a shark in the boat."  too funny.
Aaron catches a Marlin!
but loses this one...

No worries we catch another one in minutes.

Aaron steps aside to stay away from the shark as they kill the Marlin

We decided to bring him home to hang proudly in our formal dining room.

We finally released the Shark

It happily swam away

The flags represent what the boat caught

 Keiko & Saul with the family

Heading in to have the bonito and mahimahi filleted to eat.
Eating the Fish... gross.... 

Friday July 3
We relaxed again at the resort and by the pool and beach.

Final dinner at the Resort.

Over eating on desserts, special drinks, and civeche for a week...
makes it hard to move from the table.

Saturday July 4th
We caught a flight home in time to see a few fireworks.

Although it began stressful the trip was perfect!!  I love being with my kids.  They are at a perfect age.  They still argue but they are good to each other.  Kenz missed her boyfriend but never complained.  She is not your typical teenager.  Mackay and Hayden were buddies and played in the ocean majority of the trip.  Aaron got to do what he wanted and I enjoyed watching it all take place.  I am a lucky lady.

Thank you to Sam (& Jenn and Scott) for keeping Crazy Daisy!
And thank you to my dad (& Josh and Megan) for keeping Molly!

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Alyssa said...

Loved hearing about your family adventures. And also really loved all of the amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.